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Esther Irvine | Photographer

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If someone told a younger me that by 2014 I would be a full time wedding photographer.  I probably would have laughed.  And here I am in 2017, heading towards my 100th wedding.

With a Degree in Law and qualifications in International Trust Management,  I had visions of myself living in the Bahamas and doing all sorts of (legal) things with taxes.  It just so happens, I actually have a strong dislike for mathematics and anything to do with tax.  The vision was short-lived.

In 2011 I had my first taste of wedding photography, when a good friend asked me to take photographs on the morning of her wedding.  She based my ability on the photographs I had taken at her hen party.  I am laughing even writing this.  Said photographs remain under lock & key.  I was given total freedom to photograph as I wanted.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed myself and how natural it felt. 

Fast forward into 2012 and there I was, in London, at...Westminster Abbey...undertaking my first wedding.

I have my mum to thank for giving me photography as a creative outlet.  Waved off on summer camps and school trips with a camera in hand, and a gentle reminder to "try and get some people in the pictures."  I had a track record of bringing home rolls of film with blurry images taken out bus windows and fairly uninteresting images of buildings and fields.  When people did feature in the photographs, it was usually an out of focus image of the back of someone's head that I had taken whilst in hot pursuit during a game of 'chasies'.

In spite of questionable image quality...looking back, even as a child, I can see that I had a desire to use a camera to tell stories of what I was experiencing, seeing and doing.  

Now, I get to tell stories for other people.
And I get to call that my job.





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