Gary & Jill are one of those couples that you feel blessed to meet. Salt of the earth, hearts bigger than the ocean type people. Their wedding at Tullyveery House was special for so many reasons and meeting them really impacted me as a person. To my memory I can’t think of a wedding where I felt more appreciated as a person and photographer. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not about feeling appreciated or getting anything in return, but the kindness and loving nature of Gary & Jill’s character was just so refreshing for me. The way they treated each other and the people around them was a way of being that was just so lovely to observe. I don’t even know if they would see it themselves, because it is just so much a part of who they are, but they really are two of the most gentle-natured and caring people I have ever met. Their attitude to their wedding & life in general really left a mark on me - what a pair!


The following year I got to see Gary & Jill again at Jill’s daughter Emma’s Orange Tree House wedding - that’s one of the best parts of photographing weddings in Northern Ireland - in our wee country you see familiar faces popping up all the time!